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Climax Movie

"Climax" - Film der Woche Dieser Abgrund ist der Höhepunkt Die Prämisse des Films: Eine Gruppe junger Pariser Tänzerinnen und Tänzer. In der letzten Szene von Gaspar Noés neuem Film “Climax” träufelt sich eine Frau flüssiges LSD ins Auge. Für sie beginnt der Trip erst, der für den Zuschauer in. Climax ist ein französischer Film von Gaspar Noé aus dem Jahr Inhaltsverzeichnis. 1 Handlung; 2 Veröffentlichung; 3 Kritiken; 4 Trivia; 5 Weblinks.

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21 junge Tänzerinnen und Tänzer begeben sich zum Proben auf ein abgelegenes Gelände. Um sich besser kennenzulernen, veranstalten sie eine Party. Der Sangria fließt. Doch etwas wurde scheinbar in das Getränk gemischt, denn alle stehen plötzlich. Climax ist ein französischer Film von Gaspar Noé aus dem Jahr Inhaltsverzeichnis. 1 Handlung; 2 Veröffentlichung; 3 Kritiken; 4 Trivia; 5 Weblinks. "Climax" - Film der Woche Dieser Abgrund ist der Höhepunkt Die Prämisse des Films: Eine Gruppe junger Pariser Tänzerinnen und Tänzer. Climax. 1 Std. 36 katkinshop.euösische Filme. Sinnliche Feierlichkeiten einer dieses Films in Anlehnung an Elísabet Benavents Bestseller-Romanreihe. In der letzten Szene von Gaspar Noés neuem Film “Climax” träufelt sich eine Frau flüssiges LSD ins Auge. Für sie beginnt der Trip erst, der für den Zuschauer in. 6 Userkritiken zum Film Climax von Gaspar Noé mit Sofia Boutella, Romain Guillermic, Souheila Yacoub - In Gaspar Noés Film Climax wird eine Gruppe Tänzer auf mysteriöse Weise unter Drogen gesetzt und stürzt daraufhin in eine höllische Erfahrungswelt.

Climax Movie

Produktion. Frankreich Bild- und Textmaterial finden Sie auf unserem Presseserver. Presse. Filmförderung. "Climax" - Film der Woche Dieser Abgrund ist der Höhepunkt Die Prämisse des Films: Eine Gruppe junger Pariser Tänzerinnen und Tänzer. 6 Userkritiken zum Film Climax von Gaspar Noé mit Sofia Boutella, Romain Guillermic, Souheila Yacoub - Climax Movie Ich wollte unterschiedliche Tanzstile als unterschiedliche Ausdrucksformen der Figuren inszenieren. Vorsicht: Dieser Film verursacht einen üblen Kater. Einige Stunden zuvor: 21 junge Tänzer präsentieren eine aufwendige Tanzchoreographie, die Jumper Film Stream in den letzten drei Tagen zusammen eingeprobt haben. Romain Guillermic. Auf dem Fantasy Filmfest Ostwind 3 Stream Kostenlos das Werk vor dem offiziellen Kinostart betrachtet werden. Schreit Sachen wie: "Warum hat er die Drogen da rein getan? Zelluloid stirbt nicht — Ein Besuch im Labor gegen den Zeitgeist. Fürs Bild. Climax Movie Und dann konnten wir auch schon loslegen. Anonymer User. Die Hektik muss erhalten bleiben. Wenn hier heute so richtig viele bescheuerte Dinge passieren mache ich später vielleicht die Tür da Ali Landry auf und wir können alle wieder nach Hause OK? Es wurde sofort gezeigt, wer man ist und was man kann. Jemand der schreibt, das ist nicht filmisch. Da ist Pro 7 Mediathek, Energie, Eros. Ich habe die Dead Air für "Climax"gemacht. Kommentare zu Climax werden geladen

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Sofia Boutella Selva. Romain Guillermic David. Souheila Yacoub Lou. Kiddy Smile Daddy. Claude Gajan Maull Emmanuelle. Giselle Palmer Gazelle.

Taylor Kastle Taylor. Thea Carla Schott Psyche. Edouard Weil Producer. Vincent Maraval Producer. Brahim Chioua Producer.

Richard Grandpierre Producer. Denis Bedlow Film Editor. March 16, Full Review…. February 12, Full Review…. March 15, Rating: C Full Review….

October 21, Full Review…. July 27, Rating: 4. July 20, Rating: 2. February 25, Full Review…. View All Critic Reviews Apr 17, Ed K Super Reviewer.

Nov 19, I honestly have no idea who could enjoy Climax. I have watched dozens of movies where I knew it wasn't for me but I could at least fathom some appeal to a select viewer.

Climax is the rare film where I cannot even fathom any person enjoying it, because to even attempt to enjoy it on its fever dream level it purports would only lead to disappointment.

Is the very act of titling a movie called Climax with no climax itself a post-modern jape? Is that it? I'm confounded by this monotonous experimental triviality.

The plot: a Parisian group of dancers is practicing in an old school building one s wintry night. One of the members spikes a bowl of sangria with LSD.

The dancers unwittingly get high, freak out, and lash out, leading to one long sordid night of tumult. That's it, folks. Firstly, Climax is incredibly, unbearably, crushingly tedious.

It's 97 minutes that could literally be condensed into a music video for a three-minute song as far as substance is concerned.

Apparently Noe was working off of a five-page script note to readers: typically, in screenwriting terms, one page equals one minute of movie , so it's no surprise that the overwhelming majority of this movie feels empty.

The first six minutes or so are watching boring interviews of the various dance troupe members answering mundane questions. It's still difficult to attach impressionable personalities or points of distinction for them beyond the superficial Tall Blonde, Girl with Glasses, etc.

After that it's an extended dance sequence, then about twenty minutes of chit chat where the dancers are improvising, and then we have another extended group dance, and then we get to the fateful spiked punch.

What I've just described is the first 45 minutes of the movie, also known as half of the film, and it could have all been removed without missing a beat.

That's a serious storytelling problem. Oh, I hear others preparing the defense, the movie is intended to be an experience and not a story.

If that's the case I need more of an experience. Noe described the first half of Climax as a "roller coaster" but it feels more like the long wait in line and then the brief five minutes of actual activity.

Even the opening dance sequence, while energetic, is less than extraordinary. It's not exactly a sequence that would wow me any more than a deleted scene from a direct-to-DVD Step Up sequel.

Climax fatally errs by, of all things, restraint. I could accept the slow buildup, the tedium, and even the paper-thin characters if, and that's a big if, Noe was able to pull out all the stops with his freak-out finale and just went bonkers.

However, it's not quite the same when we don't also experience the hallucinations and madness befalling our dancers. Instead we watch them pace around and scream, cry, sometimes writhe, sometimes fall down, sometimes fall down and writhe, sometimes fall down and writhe and cry, and that's about the extent.

It can be downright embarrassing to watch especially as Noe's penchant for tracking shots makes the performance takes so agonizingly long.

There are brief moments of unpredictability where the dancers become violent and paranoid, but these are fleeting and we're back to watching people we don't care about scream about imaginary things.

Imagine if Noe let the audience in on these personal, psychedelic, and monstrous drug trips. Imagine how much more visually alive that would be and also how much more it would connect us with the characters, perhaps linking their hallucinations to personal traumas and anxieties.

I've had friends discuss going along for the ride with Climax, but what ride does it even offer? The final ten minutes consists of a confusing upside-down camera angle, a scathing red light, and more antic writhing on the floor with the occasional sexual copulation.

At that point, I had long lost any interest to even attempt to decipher the screen. None of these characters matter, so I kept waiting for the eventual bad fates to fall upon them as the movie ramped into its horror section but Climax doesn't even do this.

I was expecting things to get progressively worse and take on a tragic momentum of escalating mistakes.

I was expecting something and all I got was an extended music video where the extras had taken over, trying to convince me that their little spheres of drama were worth following there were not.

The little moments of conversation between the characters feel like you're eavesdropping on normal, ordinary, and boring people but also people without clear indication for character arcs, ironic reversals, or any of the sort of contexts that can make people interesting in narratives.

There's just no potential here for the characters and nothing that amounts to satisfaction oh the ongoing irony of its title, I know.

Here's how bad Noe miscalculates: at the very end, we discover which character was responsible for spiking the sangria, and it's treated like a big reveal, except this was never an important mystery and I didn't even recognize the culprit.

It didn't matter because the mystery never mattered and the characters especially never mattered. Noe has been a cinematic provocateur ever since his first film, 's Irreversible, began with a grueling, graphic nine-minute rape scene.

He seems more drawn to pushing button so he might devote an entire movie to a floating spiritual perspective Into the Void or shoot a love story with un-simulated sex including graphic 3D use of said parts Love.

He's not exactly the kind of man who wants to tell a simple story in a simple way though I would argue a majority of his stories are pretty simple.

So, if it's all about technical bravura and showmanship and pushing the envelope, then let the man be judged on those grounds, and he is found wanting with Climax.

The long swooping camerawork can be impressive as it tracks all over the confines of this building but the positives are weighed down by the banality of the visuals.

Far too much of this movie is simply following people walk down corridors. There aren't key, striking visuals to sear into your memory and it feels like Noe's heart just isn't in this.

There's one scene where a dancer, goaded by an angry and accusatory crowd, starts stabbing herself in the face. I was expecting something far more graphic or bloody or consequential, but it's like a shrug.

It feels like he's even bored by the assignment of directing his own movie and just keeping the camera running so he can cross the minute finish line and call it over.

I come back again and again to the question of how it is even possible to enjoy Climax. I think, even if you were to be overly generous, Noe's film just cannot measure up on any artistic or entertainment metric.

If you're eager for a crazy, trippy, immersive drug-fueled experience, get ready for something more akin to standing by and holding the hair of your friend while they vomit into a toilet.

Nate's Grade: D. Nate Z Super Reviewer. Mar 02, Consider me shook. Few modern directors can fill me with the full spectrum of emotion like Gaspar Noe.

Like Lars von Trier and Darren Aranofsky, he loves to push buttons, annoy, and manipulate his audience. I've visibly angered some people after exposing them to his films, and I could certainly see why they felt that way.

I won't deny that there were a few times in Climax where I was quite put-off, but like any well-rounded trip, the highs get so high that the lows are devastating.

Purported to have taken place in France in , the incident performed in the movie is a manic dance party where a troupe of contorted, gyrating euro-trash get an unexpected psychedelic nightmare when someone slips LSD into the sangria bowl.

It's an electric kool aid acid test gone terribly wrong. The first half of the film covers the heavenly and joyful peaks with a dynamic series of one shot sequences that groove and fly along with the dancers.

The second half is a hellish dreamscape, an assault on the senses, and a disorienting plummet into insanity and degradation. It becomes like a rave culture update to The Exterminating Angel as the dancers collectively devolve into sputtering animals, attacking each other in orgiastic fits of violence and passion.

For a film with such a premise, the biggest surprise to me was that there is no attempt at simulating the hallucinatory experience like other 'head'?

That's not to say that it isn't trippy as hell, there's just not much superfluous effect added to what's in front of the camera.

Cinematographer Benoit Debie's unmistakable camerawork is the demon to Emmanuel Lubezki's angel, and one will pick up strong vibes of Irreversible in the second half.

The visual rollercoaster is bolstered by a soundtrack I could have handpicked myself. It's slightly anachronistic for the setting "Windowlicker'"?

As audio-visual experiences go, it's unrelenting and made me feel dirty, but I liked it. K Nife C Super Reviewer.

Dec 15, Carlos M Super Reviewer. See all Audience reviews. There are no approved quotes yet for this movie. Best Horror Movies. Worst Superhero Movies.

Best Netflix Series and Shows. Gazelle flees from Taylor and stumbles into the central hall where the remaining dancers have truly lost their minds, dancing, writhing on the floor, chanting in tongues, having sex with one another, or beating each other up.

Taylor catches up to Gazelle and takes her to his room while David is attacked by another dancer who slams his head against the floor.

When police arrive the next morning, they find a majority of the dancers unconscious. Omar has frozen to death outside while Emmanuelle has killed herself outside the electrical room out of grief.

Gazelle wakes up next to Taylor, seemingly having forgotten the evening. A bloody Lou exits the building, and writhes outside in snow laughing uncontrollably.

The film is loosely based on the true story of a French dance troupe in the s who had their alcoholic beverage spiked with LSD at an after-party ; however, no further incidents took place during the actual event, unlike in the film.

I was amazed by these young kids dancing like they were possessed by evil forces. He stated that the film was "all about people creating something together, and failing in the second half.

Mankind can create big things. And then with the influence of alcohol, or some accident, everything falls. And I liked sangria, it was the first alcohol I ever drank.

It's mostly about a collective screw-up. We started casting and preparing the movie at the beginning of January [], and we were shooting one month later in an abandoned school in a suburb in Paris.

The film was cast over the month of January As vogue and krumping are largely individual dances, most of the cast had no experience dancing as a group, or in synchronization.

These guys, who are usually very poor, become stars onstage once a month in a ballroom or in a battle. Climax was shot in 15 days in an abandoned school in Paris.

When I met the Russian girl dancer and I asked Sofia if she minds ending up with her, she didn't But everything was shot in chronological order, which keeps the door open for any kind of re-writing.

People were not getting wasted. I asked them what you would enjoy doing in the movie? How would you want to shock an audience?

I would never ask them to do, what they would not like doing. Tell me who you want to kiss? Who you want to smash?

Who you want to insult? And I would ask the other person, would you mind if this person wants to do this or that. And of-course the reciprocal person was welcome to [propose] anything.

After the opening scene and the audition tapes, the plot of the film starts with a long take lasting over 12 minutes, with the first five minutes consisting of a fully choreographed dance by the cast.

The choreography had also not been rehearsed before shooting, with the cast improving the dance and adding to it with each take, with the help of McNeely and the rest of the crew.

I especially wanted the second half of the movie to be one continuous master shot , but how it was going to be I had no idea.

It was just snowing in Paris for two days and the second day, I thought about possibly taking advantage of the weather.

We got a drone and filmed the girl in the snow from above. Later in the movie when they open the door, I thought that could fit in with the previous footage, if we made it snow outside and make it look like they were locked in.

So I got some snow machines to re-create the whole thing. I liked the idea of getting rid of the credits at the beginning of the movie.

I hate ending credits. I like movies from the 40s, 50s of which movies would end abruptly. So, I knew how I wanted to end the movie.

I found like a satanic icon that I could put before the movie starts. There was no clear ending in mind while the actors were improvising.

Only the strong survive. Those scenes were also completely improvised. I thought it would be funny to do it the other way, like shoot almost documentary style with long cuts, seeing how the effects of drugs and alcohol are experienced, how its seen from the outside.

Like how it all shows and not how it feels. I showed them all these videos; people high on LSD, mushrooms, crack, whatever. Then after, I asked each one how they would want to portray their own craziness.

However, some criticised the film's violence and story. Critics agreed that the film had a unique style, but while most found it to be a quality, other reviewers heavily disliked it.

In a positive review, Joseph Walsh of Time Out stated: "Inventive and seductive, this infernal chamber piece will be sure to divide opinion.

The camera plunges into the chaos, melding physical theatre with a palette of fiendish reds and impish greens, all accompanied by throbbing techno.

Ray Pride of Newcity gave a very positive review, stating: " Climax is a rude, refined, gyroscopic, hurtling mash-up Seriously great stuff", he criticized the dialogue and horror scenes, stating that the film "turns into a sick circus of atrocities", which "just as often is more annoying and attention-seeking than dramatically effective, and the increasingly absurdist storyline.

Alas, with the notable exception of the empathetic Boutella, the cast of Climax consists primarily of dancers who are not actors.

Scott Craven of The Arizona Republic panned the film, rating it 1 out of 5 and stating, " Climax is actually two movies, one in which you hang out at a party with young dancers who are as wearisome as they are flexible, and the other with the same group on acid.

Neither is the least bit interesting. He make movies to provoke, if not to inspire annoyance, even hate. When a mom locks her young son in an electrical closet inside is a menacing circuit panel that, if animate, would swallow the child whole , even those without kids cringe as the boy screams for help.

Noe laughs at your discomfort. I have to take a long holiday and rethink my career. I never worked so little on something and I was never congratulated so much.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. French theatrical release poster. Rectangle Productions Wild Bunch [1]. Release date. Running time. Belgium [3] France.

Retrieved 3 March British Board of Film Classification.

In "Climax" wird eine in einem abgelegenen Übungszentrum einquartierte Tanzcompagnie bei einem rauschenden Fest unwissentlich unter. Climax nimmt eine wahre Begebenheit von auf und zeigt eine Als solchen kann man nämlich den Beginn des Films betrachten, als sich. Produktion. Frankreich Bild- und Textmaterial finden Sie auf unserem Presseserver. Presse. Filmförderung. Climax Movie

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Vorsicht: Dieser Film verursacht einen üblen Kater. Aber die Drogenparty, die eskalierte, hat es so gegeben, und sie fand statt. Nö nö, üüüberhaupt nicht. I especially wanted the second half of Ford Edge Vergleichstest movie to be one continuous master shotbut how it was going to be I had no idea. Best Cinematography. Climax Movie I met the Russian girl dancer and I asked Sofia if she minds ending up with her, she didn't The Voice. Best Director. No Score Yet. Tell me who you want to kiss? A series of audition tapes is depicted, in which choreographer Selva and DJ Gabrielle Elyse interview potential future members of a dance troupe they are creating. I could accept the slow buildup, the tedium, and even the paper-thin characters if, and that's a big if, Noe was able to pull out all the stops I Love You Phillip Morris his freak-out finale and Das War Der Wilde Westen Stream went bonkers. Like Lars von Trier and Darren Aranofsky, he loves to push buttons, annoy, and manipulate his audience. Climax Movie

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Jetzt auf Netflix und 2 weiteren Anbietern anschauen. Es ist vor allem eine Geste der Bescheidenheit. Beschuldigt Euch nacheinander wild gegenseitig. Kollegen, die jetzt in ihren 50ern sind, wollten Geschichten erzählen aus der Zeit, die sie filmisch am stärksten geprägt hat. In Climax herrscht sozusagen immer ein Tunnelblick, den die Kamera verstärkt. Das ist doch peinlich und traurig, dass alles jetzt soweit gekommen ist. Selva Denis Richards vor ihren Halluzinationen in das Zimmer von Ivana. Diesem Film Solitary Man es an Substanz, was er aber nicht durch Wirkung wett macht, einige Fragen werden aufgeworfen, mit anderen wird man entlassen. Sharleen Temple. OK Los geht's

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